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J. DiLeo Lanscaping Inc.

The American Dream is about nothing at all, if it’s not all about small business enterprise. 
Westchester County’s Angelo and Jerry DiLeo (father and son) are classic examples of American
small business success. Starting from the most humble of beginnings, with one lawnmower
and a handful of garden tools, Angelo DiLeo secured six clients in the towns of Scarsdale and Eastchester,
New York in 1970, and consecutively they’ve grown their business into a first-class, ever-expanding
landscaping service, now known as J. DiLeo Landscaping, Inc.


How did they do it? Angelo’s beautiful landscape designs and colorful flower beds caught
the eyes of clients’ neighbors, as well as folks simply walking and/or driving by, and the word
about this local artist and craftsman quickly spread, leading to an ever expanding client list.
One of those clients was a manager of commercial properties who decided that
Angelo was just the landscaper to give his business properties a facelift.
He saw no reason why business properties couldn’t be as
beautiful as private residences.


This led to the expansion of the business into commercial landscaping in 1974.
In 1978, at the age of nine, Jerry DiLeo began helping his Dad in the business every summer,
as school was out and the busy landscaping world was in. 
After graduating from Fordham University in 1991,
Jerry decided to work fulltime with his Dad and make it a true American family business.


Truly this is a classic example of American small business and family business enterprise success,
from which clients can expect, not only a continually growing and
satisfied customer base, but new and innovative ideas in the years to come.